September. Finally!

Ahhh September. Cooler weather. (I wrote cooler, not cold.) College football. (Yes, I like college better than pro.) And best of all, my birthday. Also, for those of us living in Phoenix it's a huge sign of achievement to see that calendar flip from August to September. It means we have survived another dried up, burned out, crispy, triple-digit-temperature, desert summer.  

For our Living Streams family, September means we are out of the wild and heavy apocalyptic book of Daniel, and are moving forward into a series of simple, fresh, and courageous teachings on why we Christians do what we do. The Apostle Peter writes in 1 Peter 2:9 that Christians are a peculiar people. He does not say this in a derogatory way, but he acknowledges the uniqueness that faith in Christ creates.

Christianity has a long, rich history of being peculiar. Jesus Himself was quite the controversial and confounding individual as He walked in our world. Yet, with each step He took, He lit the dark. In the next couple of months, we will be looking at why Christians are so obsessed with gathering people together, giving generously, serving the poor, and other such topics. 

In addition to that, we, the staff at Living Streams, have cooked up something that we are calling Fam nights. It's six Wednesday evenings starting September 20 and ending October 25. We're asking everybody to come together for a meal at 6 PM. Then, we’ll dismiss everyone to drop the kids off, if they have them, at the souped up children's and youth programs, and then head to an engaging class.

We will have three great classes:

  • One is a parenting class with Dr. Don and Renee Worcester. They'll be dealing with relationships, marriage, children, and family. Yep, life’s most important stuff.

  • Second, we'll have a class that will be teach how to engage with God and people in every different stage of life. Mark Buckley will be teaching this class with help from Joel Fritz. We are hoping to see Jesus do some great things as multiple generations come together in this class of all ages.

  • The third class will be taught by David Stockton. In this class we’ll discuss questions like who is God? What is faith? What is the church? And where do I fit into all of those big things?

All three classes will be rich, and you'll be really glad you came. You can let us know you're coming and register for your class below.

All God’s best to you and yours,