A Great Anticipation

I hope this poem, written by our Creative Arts Director, Ryan Romeo, will help you enter more fully into this season of anticipation. I also hope it will remind you that each Sunday between now and Christmas day will push us further and further into the wonder of what the God of all creation did by sending His Son into our world.
Electricity is in the air.
Thousands of years of prophecy laid bare.
Nothing in history could compare
To that one silent night,
One star burning bright,
One child making all things right.
And we wait…

Comfort, my people, comfort is here.
Turn every eye and incline every ear.
Come see the public shaming of fear.
For the God of redemption is near.

We can hear the tension resonate.
In great anticipation we wait.
All darkness will illuminate.
At the sound of one name.

From this one, single, birth
The thrill of hope is unearthed.
Every child released from bondage and hurt.
And we wait…

O Come, let us adore him.
Come, let your cup fill to the brim
For the waiting is over, the time is at hand.
In the victory of one holy night, we will stand.
Please invite a friend and join us this Sunday. Pray to be infused with the thrill of hope.