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Archives for May 2014

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What's the Big Deal About Sex?

by Mark Buckley. My sermon this Sunday is called, “What's the Big Deal about Sex?” from Proverbs 5 and 1 Corinthians 6. Our culture is obsessed with sex; but that's not much different than many cultures around the world, now or in the past. What breaks my heart is the ignorance in our culture...

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Wisdom Will Save You

by David Stockton. As we have found ourselves in the information age we can be deceived into thinking we are wise. In a journal article I read, a man named Russell Ackoff writes that the content of the human mind can be put into five categories: data, information,...

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Wisdom is Not Natural to Us - Proverbs 1:23-33

by David Stockton. Wisdom calls for humility, fearing the Lord, and often, repentance. We are not naturally inclined to wisdom, so when it hits us we will usually have to change directions. When Solomon thought to chop the baby in half...

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Wisdom for a Fruitful Life

by Mark Buckley. We have all seen big, beautiful houses and wondered who lives in the house and what kind of work they do. We are curious about how they could afford to buy a mansion, develop the grounds and furnish it lavishly. Proverbs 24:3-4 says...

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Our Special Guest Speaker

by Mark Buckley. This weekend Danny Lehmann will be our special guest speaker at Living Streams. Danny is one of the International Directors of Youth With a Mission. I have been friends with Danny since I was invited to speak to his Jesus People ministry...

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Family Dynamics

by David Stockton. This month we begin a teaching series on family dynamics. Living Streams’ goal is to be a healthy, local church. That means we want to be a place where families and individuals can get educated, equipped, and be enabled...

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Breakthroughs that Bring a Blessing

by Mark Buckley. My sermon this Sunday is called, “Breakthroughs that Bring a Blessing” from 2 Samuel 5:17-25, Acts 2, and Acts 10. We each go through seasons of life when we have to work hard and persevere to stay on track in order to ...

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