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Archives for December 2018

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It’s Christmas time and I want everyone to take a deep breath. Did you take a deep breath? I’m serious. Try it. Take a long deep breath and then think about this: >During Christmas time it seems we spend a lot more mental and emotional energy than the rest of the calendar year. We spend it by going to extra parties and holiday events. We ...

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Looking Forward

If you know me, you know that I like to rethink things. I like to look for the unseen and unforeseen elements in things. I like to try to buck the trends, and almost always adhere to the less-is-more concept. This is true of how I view church, as well. Traditional thinking tells us there are two ways to measure the status of...

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Living Debt-Free

I love rain in the desert. I like the way it looks as it brings cleansing and clarity to all the colors, while surrounding them with a soft, grey hue. I like the way it smells as it brings the soothing fragrance of creosote into our dusty desert air. And I like how it stirs up the giddy in all of us sun-scorched Phoenician folk. ...

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