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Archives for May 2018

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When Bad Things Happen

There are some big questions out there that we all wrestle with from time to time. Will a team in the West, other than the Warriors, make to the NBA Finals? Will a team in the East, without Lebron, make it to the NBA Finals? Can a number one draft pick ...

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O Humanity

O Humanity Drenched with the image of God Crowned with glory from above Capable of the greatest—love Yet, Broken by a great fall Broken by the brokenness of all Broken in every way imaginable This week I spent time with some young Belizeans who have come to Phoenix to enjoy what Jesus is doing ...

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The Heart that God Seeks

There seem to be two things that keep people from making Jesus the Lord of their life. The first is false ideas. There are a million counterfeit ideas dressed up as truth, parading through social media, songs, books, popular culture, and from our own...

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