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Archives for February 2019

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Word of God Speak

Rain—and hail—and wind—and puddles! Woo hoo! This is a fun day for a Phoenician. Every person I mentioned the weather to today lit up with excitement. Phoenicians are a rare breed. I even heard someone talking about how far we will be able to see after the storm, because the air is going to be so clear. And, like always, every older Phoenician I talk to says,...

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God Loves Romance

What? That’s sounds weird. Well, where do you think romance comes from? The Bible, which claims (and proves itself over and over again) to be God’s word, is full of romance. There is even a book of the Bible completely devoted to romance. Like I said in the beginning, God loves romance. Now, for those of you who do not...

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The Union of Our Union

It was nice to see a room full of American leaders all gathered together respecting the office of the presidency and the importance of governmental participation at last Thursday night's State of the Union address. It was nice to see the moments when American leaders from both sides of the aisle could stand ...

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