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Some Thoughts On Work and Time and Heaven

The Notre Dame cathedral in France has been on everyone’s mind this week. It took lots of money and loads of work hours for almost 200 years to erect a building to point people to God and commemorate the mother of Jesus. Though it was sad to see fire consume and undo a lot of hard work, I ...

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Noticing God's Fingerprints

I was driving near our church today when I saw a coyote running across Central Avenue. A few hours before that, I had been driving down Glendale Avenue when I saw a peacock run across the street. Seriously. A bright, colorful male peacock running across busy Glendale Avenue. Of course,...

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Get Wisdom!

Recently I sat down at Einstein’s Bagel shop with a man named Frank Seekins. Frank is a counselor by trade, but he is learner/teacher in life. I asked to meet with him because, over the years, he has shared bits of relationship knowledge with me, which has produced relationship...

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Go and Get Yours

"Experience is the best teacher, but it doesn’t have to be your own.” That's a true statement, but a dangerous one. I am the youngest of three rowdy boys. I learned a lot from my brothers about what to do and what not to do. Each of their losses were lessons for them and for me. Yet, the lessons I learned from their experiences produced ...

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The Spirit World

In last Sunday’s message, I pointed out that there is a spiritual world that coincides with our physical world. If it weirds you out, don’t worry, it totally weirds me out also. Yet, I have heard many stories that prove what the Bible teaches about the spirit world is true. I was with a guy in our church last week who...

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Word of God Speak

Rain—and hail—and wind—and puddles! Woo hoo! This is a fun day for a Phoenician. Every person I mentioned the weather to today lit up with excitement. Phoenicians are a rare breed. I even heard someone talking about how far we will be able to see after the storm, because the air is going to be so clear. And, like always, every older Phoenician I talk to says,...

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God Loves Romance

What? That’s sounds weird. Well, where do you think romance comes from? The Bible, which claims (and proves itself over and over again) to be God’s word, is full of romance. There is even a book of the Bible completely devoted to romance. Like I said in the beginning, God loves romance. Now, for those of you who do not...

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The Union of Our Union

It was nice to see a room full of American leaders all gathered together respecting the office of the presidency and the importance of governmental participation at last Thursday night's State of the Union address. It was nice to see the moments when American leaders from both sides of the aisle could stand ...

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So it’s about 70° outside, a soft cloud cover in the sky, the “people's open” is teeing off in Scottsdale, and the old East is taking on the new West in a Super Bowl on Sunday. Let the division begin. I am a West Coast kid, no doubt. I have lived in Arizona, California, and Oregon. If I spend some time living in Washington I will have the entire ...

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The Power of Forgiveness

Warning: If you are sad, this messagel may make you sadder at first; but keep reading and it will hopefully make you happy and hopeful. Since I am the lead pastor, I always know the plan for the church service. I know the message. I know the timeline of the service. A lot of times...

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