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Living Debt-Free

I love rain in the desert. I like the way it looks as it brings cleansing and clarity to all the colors, while surrounding them with a soft, grey hue. I like the way it smells as it brings the soothing fragrance of creosote into our dusty desert air. And I like how it stirs up the giddy in all of us sun-scorched Phoenician folk. ...

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Jesus Came for the Sick

In a book I have been reading lately the author discusses a psychological defense mechanism called dissociation. (I know that sounds boring, but bear with me a moment.) Dissociation is the splitting off of a group of mental processes from the main body of consciousness. The first example is from a story about a missionary who was mauled ...

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Home. Work. Society.

My life right now has three main compartments. I have heard people say it is not good to compartmentalize your life. They say, “Your life should not be like a frozen dinner, it should be more like a pot pie.” But I don’t really know what “they” are talking about. I have my home situation, which is most important. I have my ...

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Where To Find Truth

Tuesday's mid-term election has me pondering a multiplicity of political postulations. These are some of my questions: Is it possible to write about politics without being political? Is there any way we Americans can survive another presidential election cycle? Is there any media/news source that can be trusted? Are there ...

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This Is Not Wishful Thinking

The shadow is so easy to see and so familiar to us. Each week there are news reports about the darkness of man. It seems we think the commandments of God say we SHOULD murder, steal, lie, commit adultery, and covet. Last week's killings in the U.S. bring another reminder that the pendulum ...

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What an Incredible Team

There it was on display for all to see. People of all ages, colors, socioeconomic classes—all gathered together for a night of joy, peace, and the glorious Phoenician fall. It was beautiful. My primary takeaway from last night's Fall Fest, which was also the culmination of our Urban Kinetic initiative, is that the dreams God has ...

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A Place that Triggers Memories

I just got back from Belize where I spent a week with old friends, some new friends, and a super-fun team of guys from Living Streams. Every ten seconds Nick was either leading us in worship or cracking us up with a funny comment about what we were experiencing. ...

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We Are Privileged

Well, we studied Acts 22 over a month ago, but there is a phrase in that chapter that I cannot get out of my head. It has lingered like a wonderful fragrance that causes me to pause and take a deep, delightful breath. This is the phrase: “The God of our fathers has appointed you to know His will, to see the Righteous One, and to hear ...

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Renewed Vision

On Monday… I was on my way to a ministry called Hope for the Hungry as a part of my commitment to Urban Kinetic. I didn’t feel very enthusiastic about my commitment. I don’t necessarily mind serving those less fortunate than me, and I certainly don’t mind hard work. But I think I may have had a little selfishness lodged in my heart about it. ...

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This Made Me Smile Big

Celebrating. Rejoicing. And really, just being happy about things is not a natural thing for me. I do get happy, but for some reason it doesn’t last that long. I am not exactly sure why, but it is true. I think that the sadness that has happened in my life has caused me to distrust happiness. When I really start to rejoice and be happy I somehow feel ...

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