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It Feels Like the Book of Acts is Happening

There I was, walking down the road, following my GPS to the creek. I reached a gate that blocked where my GPS was pointing me. I now had to decide if trespassing was worth it or not. Now you have to understand, it would just be a ...

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And Now, Something a Little Different

Though the heat is still on in Phoenix, summer break is over for my family and we are already moving on. This week two of my daughters started school, one of my daughters started volleyball camp, and we now have two boys fresh ...

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The Message is Simple

It still blows my mind every time I think it through: Right now my brain sends signals to my finger muscles, and they move my fingertips in a way that strike specific keys at sequential moments, producing signals within my computer. Those signals travel to the motherboard, which ...

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Soul and Spirit

Does it feel intimidated and unsure, or steady and strong? There are a few surefire things that cause my spirit to feel steady and strong. First, when my spirit connects to the All-Powerful Spirit of the Living God through prayer, my spirit is enlivened and empowered. Second,...

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What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

Hello again! I hope your summer is off to a great start. Through a series of fortunate events, my family was able to spend the beginning of summer road-tripping Italy. All I can really say about it is, WOW!” Wow! because my eyes can hardly drink in ...

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When Bad Things Happen

There are some big questions out there that we all wrestle with from time to time. Will a team in the West, other than the Warriors, make to the NBA Finals? Will a team in the East, without Lebron, make it to the NBA Finals? Can a number one draft pick ...

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O Humanity

O Humanity Drenched with the image of God Crowned with glory from above Capable of the greatest—love Yet, Broken by a great fall Broken by the brokenness of all Broken in every way imaginable This week I spent time with some young Belizeans who have come to Phoenix to enjoy what Jesus is doing ...

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The Heart that God Seeks

There seem to be two things that keep people from making Jesus the Lord of their life. The first is false ideas. There are a million counterfeit ideas dressed up as truth, parading through social media, songs, books, popular culture, and from our own...

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A Refreshing Moment

Recently, I heard a podcast by Ravi Zacharias on how to build a moral society. It was like the refreshing moment when the sweaty, dusty pollen of a long spring hike is washed away by a deep dive into the cool waters of a beautiful river swimming hole. It was like the tipping point moment when ...

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What to Do With All This Information

Here are some quotes about the Information Age we are either thriving in or barely surviving in: BUCKMINSTER FULLER: “Until the 1900’s, humanity’s cumulative knowledge doubled every century. In the 1940’s humanity’s cumulative knowledge ...

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