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A Refreshing Moment

Recently, I heard a podcast by Ravi Zacharias on how to build a moral society. It was like the refreshing moment when the sweaty, dusty pollen of a long spring hike is washed away by a deep dive into the cool waters of a beautiful river swimming hole. It was like the tipping point moment when ...

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What to Do With All This Information

Here are some quotes about the Information Age we are either thriving in or barely surviving in: BUCKMINSTER FULLER: “Until the 1900’s, humanity’s cumulative knowledge doubled every century. In the 1940’s humanity’s cumulative knowledge ...

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Is Living Streams an Affirming Church?

This is a question I was asked recently, and it is a question I love to answer. I am not sure those asking it love my answer, but I do love the question. When asked this question, I assume the person asking either feels sexual attraction to people ...

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Some Reports and Thoughts About Recent “Goings On” at Living Streams

Good Friday Service Was Like a Rich Buffet. Seven pastors gave three-minute teachings on the seven sayings of Jesus on the cross. I am very proud of the pastoral ...

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For the Joy Set Before Him

In the 12th chapter of the Bible book called Hebrews, we are told that Jesus endured the cross “for the joy set before Him.” In preparing to teach on this topic, and learning what the joy before Jesus was, I was inspired to write this poem: Why do you rage ...

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For Some Reason

CHALLENGE #1 We arrived at the Tucson Airport at 4:05 am. Yeah, that means we left Phoenix at 2:05 am. We were five, sleep-deprived men with bags and a giant pallet full of Martial Arts floor mats. We were on our way to do a lot of different things, including putting on a Ju Jitsu tournament in ...

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Make it Rain

So, a short while ago, El Jeffe Talkington, European Luke, Jujitsu Mike, Principal Aaron, and Pastor D all decided to join forces for something that has now taken on the name, “Operation Make It Rain.” Basically, all that means is five guys who live in Phoenix, Arizona and ...

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We Need More Billy Grahams

So, what are you doing for the next 50 years of your life? In 1944, at the age of 26, Billy Graham was hired as an official, full-time evangelist for a new ministry called Youth for Christ. Then, in 1992, at age 74, after a powerful public life and a consistently ...

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Where Problems are Solved

Today I sat on the bus next to a guy who was really thankful for all that Trump has been doing as president. He said he liked having someone in the White House that shared some of his values and ideals. Then, just after that I listened to multiple stories ...

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Who Do You Support?

Are you serious? Another season of American Idol? Isn’t 15 seasons enough? Isn’t the Voice, The Four, and the old X Factor plenty? And what about the technologically advanced singing show called “Rising Star,” straight outta Tel Aviv? Oy ve! This relentless search for the American...

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