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Can You Feel the Joy?

I am so proud of our Living Streams family. I know we are not the biggest, hippest, or even best church in town. But my heart wells up with steady joy as I see us step further into our potential. In the past few months, I have watched us excel...

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Overcome Evil with Good

Today is the third day since we saw an intense display of violent evil in Las Vegas. This is another grotesque, infuriating, and heart-wrenching act in human history which is riddled with war and hate. It has...

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Why Do We Preach?

Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel! 1 Corinthians 9:16 I remember the first time I preached a sermon. I was 17 years old. I was in something called The School of inistry at Applegate Christian Fellowship. I was one of twenty ...

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A Marvelous Creation of God

Hundreds of people gathered around food-filled tables —smiling, laughing, getting to know each other, and talking about life. Kids running around the same tables, also smiling, laughing and ...

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The Transforming Power of Giving

David Stockton is celebrating his 40th birthday with his brothers, cousin, and a couple of old friends on a beautiful island this week. I hope he gets a refreshing break, and as well as prayer and ...

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September - Finally!

Ahhh September. Cooler weather. (I wrote cooler, not cold.) College football. (Yes, I like college better than pro.) And best of all, my birthday. Also, for those of us living in Phoenix it's a huge sign of achievement to see that calendar flip from August...

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Pray for Houston

As all of us are thinking and praying about our brothers and sisters in Houston, the turmoil and exhaustion that has poured down on them will take a long time to recover from. But our generous prayer, gifts and volunteering support will help ...

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Provocative and Escalating Rhetoric

Once again, we had 500 men come together and fill up Young Life's Lost Canyon camp. Once again, we had 500 men of different ethnicities, cultures, economic statuses, age, and denominational and political...

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Some Big Questions

This Sunday, we will dive into a very deep and detailed chapter of prophetic literature. This chapter forces us to deal with questions like: Where did evil come from? How could a good God allow war and pain and evil? Is there a devil? So...really light and ...

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Check it Out

This is my weekly email to the Living Streams Family, but my hope is that it will be so much more. Each week I hope these emails bring you clarity, and understanding to cut through the current cloud of confusion that is causing your path to be unclear and ...

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