A Place that Triggers Memories

I just got back from Belize where I spent a week with old friends, some new friends, and a super-fun team of guys from Living Streams. 

Every ten seconds Nick was either leading us in worship or cracking us up with a funny comment about what we were experiencing.

Every ten seconds Nate, our money manager, was keeping us “on the cheap,” or making us smile with how much he loves Belize and its people.

Every ten seconds Drew was figuring out how he could serve in a gap that needed to be filled—or falling asleep.

Every ten seconds Matt was either writing emails or praying powerfully and boldly for someone.

Every ten seconds Terell was getting sunburned or setting an example of the man of God all of us want to be when we grow up.

Every ten seconds Jason was crossing another scary threshold of faith and doing it with inspiring grace and trust.

And every ten seconds Thomas was loving on the men in his group—or he would go missing.

It was awesome. As for me, I was either showing up late to the airport or sitting back reveling in all that Jesus has done and all that He is currently doing.

Belize was once an unknown, scary, and uncomfortable place for my family and me. But now it is a place that triggers memory after memory of God’s faithfulness, kindness, provision, and goodness. 

I pray that as You allow the potential for your life to become kinetic in Christ, you will experience the substance and evidence of our faithful God’s kindness and goodness—that the things or places that currently give you fear, pain, or pause will become the places of great testimony to the power and love of God. 

By His grace and for His glory,