An Intimidating Topic

Oh no! It's time for us to teach on sexuality! Why in the world did we pick sexuality as a topic for our “Other Hours” sermon series? Does anyone reading this want to take my place this Sunday and preach on Sexuality? 
I know that we are sexual beings. I know that our current cultural moment regarding sexuality is riddled with confusion, embarrassment, exhaustion, and disillusionment. I know that everyone I talk to has either been singed, scarred, or shattered by sexual sins committed against them or by them. But as I sit here, I don’t feel inspired—instead I feel intimidated by the thought of speaking into this area of life. 
I have spent my entire adult life trying my best to apply God’s word and Jesus' love to every challenge, struggle, and conflict I have experienced. I spent many years in educational institutions, deepening my understanding of God’s word and Jesus’ love—demonstrated by the bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies and the master’s degree in Theology and Biblical Studies hanging on my wall. And now, I have spent the last two weeks wrestling with God’s words on sexuality, the Christian church’s contributions on sexuality, my own sexual formation, and the thoughts and feelings of my homosexual friends. Though it seems all this should help me feel confident, I still feel intimidated. 
Though feelings of intimidation have found their way into my soul, I know that God feels no such thing. God created our sexuality. He knows how to form it into a powerfully life-giving and deeply fulfilling part of our life. Sex and desire are creations from His own mind. Gender is a concept He came up with, and our gender is what He chose for us. God is not surprised, or ashamed, or intimidated by any of our sexual feelings, questions, or struggles. Jesus simply says to come to Him with whatever we are struggling with, and He will settle our souls.
Today, I want you ask you to do a potentially scary and intimidating thing. Take a little time and talk to Jesus about your sexuality. Tell Him about the unwanted desires you have. Tell Him the questions and struggles you would never tell anyone else about. Then listen. Listen for He might say to you. 
And if you are reading this and need to hear some Christ-centered teaching on sexuality. I can recommend this:
God bless you,