Check it Out

This is my weekly message to the Living Streams Family, but my hope is that it will be so much more.

Each week I hope these messages bring you clarity, and understanding to cut through the current cloud of confusion that is causing your path to be unclear and uncertain.

I hope these messages cause comfort and joy to well up inside you as the words wash over your weary soul. And I hope that you find godly guidance for the demanding decisions you are presently pondering.

Like I normally do, I could write about my hopefully-relevant-current-event-thoughts in preparation for our upcoming Sunday morning teaching. But I found an article written by someone else that accomplishes that for me. Some may call this cheating, but this week I don’t care. I’m seriously excited about introducing you to a vast library of articles, sermons, and messages that are sure to bring you sound Biblical understanding, comfort, joy, and guidance.

The resource center is found at The specific article I want you to check out is about spiritual warfare and it is found at

And just in case you don’t, this is a line from the article:

“Until you know that life is war, you cannot know what prayer is for.” John Piper 

See you Sunday,