Falling Winter

I hope you are having a great week and feeling a sense of joy and wonder at the imminence of the winter season. But in case you are not, I thought I would share a poem I wrote as I spent time with Jesus a few nights ago.

Falling winter has set in
All brightness and color have gone dim 
Daylight has been limited 
It’s time for darkness to win

Warmth and brightness have gone away
Shrouded by dullness and grey
Cold and damp have taken the floor 
With many monotone things to say

Feelings of drifting and sinking 
Mingled with losing and leaving
The weary heart keeps pulling 
The mind into dark grieving

Or maybe it’s the racing mind’s heavy thoughts 
Causing the heart a great peeving

Jesus, please be there when I reach the bottom
Please be there when I’m at the bottom

I hope you find some time today to be alone and quiet before your Maker so He can show you what is in your heart and show you the beauty that is in His.

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