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Family Dynamics

This month we begin a teaching series on family dynamics. Living Streams’ goal is to be a healthy, local church. That means we want to be a place where families and individuals can get educated, equipped, and be enabled to become healthy, loving families or individuals. We describe health as experiencing ALL that God our Father has in mind for us. It is moving from existing to living; unholy to holy; surviving to thriving. In regards to families, it is moving from dysfunctional, to functional, to fruitful. Is that something you need right now?
Health is not something that happens easily or naturally here in Phoenix. Phoenix is a desert city that has been built upon the artificial. Artificial trees, artificial bodies of water, artificial air (conditioned air). Most of the business industry is not commodity based, but based on the bubbles of real estate and ever changing winds of financial markets. Therefore, if you are not purposefully resisting the gravity of Phoenix you will find yourself full of artificial peace, joy and love, and very far from the health God created you for. That is why Living Streams exists. We do church to create a healthy environment here in this desert city where individuals and families can plant themselves in Christ Jesus and began to experience health in their bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits. Christ alone connects us to God the Father who is the author of all life and health.
How healthy is your heart or mind right now? How healthy is your family or marriage? If God really is your father, and He really does love you like His only son, what would you like to ask Him for? What area of your life would you like to see Him bring health and wholeness? What area of your life is withered, unhealthy, and dry? Join us as we seek the wisdom of our Heavenly Father and search the Scriptures for guidance on how to do well with all of our family dynamics.