For the Joy Set Before Him

In the 12th chapter of the Bible book called Hebrews, we are told that Jesus endured the cross “for the joy set before Him.” In preparing to teach on this topic, and learning what the joy before Jesus was, I was inspired to write this poem: 
Why do you rage and segregate, O humanity?
Why do you suppress truth and turn from beauty?
What have we gained from all our atrocity?
On the Lord’s day we will stand 
Every blemished daughter and imperfect man
We’ll stand all as one, diversity in perfect unity
Every tribe, every tongue
Discovering their colors all came from the One
Who is, at same time, both Father and Son
There will be no more sea dividing you and me 
No distance or depravity crippling our family
Just an overflowing bliss as we’re grafted into Trinity
Humanity's injured flesh and worn, divided hearts 
Will awaken to the splendor of the sum of its parts
As the One who is fully God and Man,
Who lived, and died, and lives again,
Who knows both Trinity and Depravity,
Gives us an unlimited glimpse into His limitless heart
And, after a thousand years, we’ll feel we’re still at the start
Why did He make us? I cannot say
When will He reconcile us? It could be today
How will He do it? There is only One way
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, the name above every name
Please join us with a hundred of your friends this Sunday at 8, 9:15, or 11 AM. Also, we have a one-hour Good Friday Service at noon tomorrow.
All God’s best to you and yours,