God is My Judge

The name Daniel means God is my judge. In my opinion, it has become very hard these days to judge what is right and true in the midst of all the clamor and confusion. It seems there is very little substantial meat in the extremely fattened calf of our country’s philosophical and political scene. There is no lack of information, though. We live in the information age, but we are just as starved for truth as ever. We have access to more data than everyone who has preceded us, but the confusion, division, and noise is at a screeching decibel.

For us to have wisdom, data has to become information. Information has to become knowledge. Knowledge has to become understanding. Then, in rare and precious moments, understanding can translate into wisdom. Wisdom makes it possible for us to accomplish the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, with the right motivation. Proverbs 9:10 tells us, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” The reason I think that wisdom is such a rare and precious thing these days, is because there is not much fear of the Lord.

Daniel knew that God was his judge. Daniel had a healthy fear of the Lord. Healthy fear of the Lord draws you closer to God, instead of making you want to run away. Healthy fear of the Lord is when we realize that doing anything in opposition to God’s ways is hurtful to God and harmful for us and the society around us. The fear of the Lord is the awe and reverence that happen at the intersection of God’s infinite majestic power, and His unfathomable love for non-majestic people like us.

We all need a heaping dose of some healthy fear of the Lord. The wisdom Daniel gained by fearing the Lord caused him to live an exemplary life, where we see him rising above every challenge that faced him, and all his peers surrounding him.

This Sunday we will be diving into the book and life of Daniel with the hope that we all will become a little more like Daniel in our day. We will also be having a Starting Point Lunch right after 2nd service, for all those interested in getting to know more about the church and taking a step toward being a part of our church family. You can register for the lunch here.

P.S. Take a minute and watch this video, with Daniel in mind: