God Loves Romance

What? That’s sounds weird.

Well, where do you think romance comes from?
The Bible, which claims (and proves itself over and over again) to be God’s word, is full of romance. There is even a book of the Bible completely devoted to romance. Like I said in the beginning, God loves romance. 

Now, for those of you who do not have a Valentine today, don’t get all offended and hurt right now. Romance is a part of God’s good creation, and romance is something God wants us to know and appreciate, whether we experience it or not. We are unable to fly, but when we see a hawk soaring high in the sky, we are filled with wonder and appreciation for our Creator. So, though we may not experience romance, we can marvel and be filled with wonder and appreciation for our God, who loves romance. 

So, what is romance?
Romance is defined in many different ways in our world today. Many definitions are false and twisted, and have led to many bankrupt relationships and sickening exploitation. The definition I want us to focus on is: “A quality or feeling of mysteryexcitement, and remoteness from everyday life.” I love that. 
The mystery of romance comes from the vulnerability and uncertainty of giving something of yourself to someone and awaiting their response. I remember how nervous I would get as a young guy calling a girl I liked. There was mystery in how she would react. Would she be glad I called? Would I sound like an idiot?
The excitement of romance comes when the person you made yourself vulnerable to responds with their own vulnerability or responds in a way that makes your vulnerable feelings turn to secure, excited feelings.

This makes me think of when I first told Brit how I felt about her. Whew, that was a scary moment for me. And to make matters worse, she didn’t say anything in response. She was quiet for what seemed like forever. While she sat there with an adorable little smile on her face, I was feeling concern rise up in me. It seemed like she was holding her breath with delight, but the silence made me tense. I finally said, “You gotta say something, Brit! How does that make you feel?” She smiled even more adorably and said, “It makes me feel good.” 
The remoteness of everyday life comes when you are caught up in each other so much that the world around you fades from your awareness. Unfortunately, this makes me think of all those times I’ve seen couples on the beach, or at a concert, or in the park, making out and having no clue that people who did not want to see them, could see them. However, it also makes me think of how far away all my worries and concerns can feel when I can get some time alone and become focused on my wife. The delight she brings me, and the childlikeness I feel when we are able to be just the two of us, can melt away all the grown-up heaviness of life.

Now, please don’t think this is easy for us. Our schedules are full, our house is full, our heads are full of ideas all the time, and our family is always full of all kinds of challenges. Yet, if we can make the time, if we can not be exhausted, if we can get alone, the world and all its gravity becomes faint and fades away.
May the God of romance and all the things that make the Hallmark channel a huge success wrap His loving arms around your heart today.
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