Happy New Year

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.” 
This is a nice little poetic phrase that brings a smile to our souls. The only problem is some “never been” things are not welcome. For instance, for the first time in my life I have a new year’s mustache, but when my daughter Bella saw it, she cried. And, for the first time, one of the fire sprinklers in our house went off in our closet this morning—and we hope that “never been” thing never happens again.
But, enough of all that negativity.  My 2019 prayer for you and me is that the Spirit of the living God will awaken us to truth, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to help us navigate the uncharted territory the new year brings. My prayer is inspired by Proverbs 2, where the writer declares that if we will be teachable …We will understand what is right and just and fair in every good path. Have wisdom enter our hearts, and have knowledge be pleasant to our souls. We will have discretion to protect us, and understanding to guard us from the ways of wicked men.”
Amen to that.
This Sunday is the first Sunday of 2019. We will be kicking off a fasting and prayer season for our church family. We love to start the off year in this way. The fasting and the praying put us in a humble, teachable mode where God is faithful to do His teaching and impartation.

For this year’s fasting and prayer season we plan to focus on the “home front.” In addition to our Sunday morning sermon teachings, we will ask everyone to fast from food on Wednesdays and then join us at the church on Wednesday nights from 6-8:15pm. We will have dinner together at 6pm and then we will gather in the sanctuary for prayer. We will also have kids' classes for every age.

At these prayer nights, we will pray in regards to the generational family struggles we have to deal with, forgiveness and unresolved conflict we are unsure how to deal with, and how to be fully invested in the family in which God has currently placed us.
Happy new year to you and yours,