How to Overcome Entropy

We have marched our way into March and the “fresh-out-of-the-box” feeling is beginning to wear off of 2017.

In every facet of our world nothing new ever stays new. Entropy is not our greatest enemy, but it is one of life’s heaviest realities. I am always amazed at how quickly my kids can move from absolute elation to complete indifference at a new toy they receive. The Second Law of Thermodynamics basically teaches us what my kids demonstrate all the time: all things move from order to disorder.

So, what can we do in a world where the laws of nature are constantly causing things to unravel? We can band together and do what Jesus taught us to do: Love our neighbor as ourselves. Many times in my life I have had someone step in and help me keep it together when I felt as if everything was falling apart.

In response to my weekly email last week I received a wonderful response from someone who has been a part of our church’s We>Me philosophy:

“A pictures tells a thousand words...
When I left an abusive marriage I had no furniture. After living in a furnished studio in a bad neighborhood for 2 years God led me to move. I was skeptical.I still had no furniture. But I moved. For a week, I slept on the floor on a mattress cover. Faith, (Women’s Pastor) asked for prayer at our women's Bible study group. Within a week, I had a brand-new bed. Later a shelf, a mirror, a beautiful lamp. Then some pictures, and some beautiful bedding. Two weeks later I got a beautiful couch. Then a table. The best part is that all of my interior decorating was orchestrated by God. The Master Artist. See, nobody communicated about decor, and I am a fussy artist. But EVERYTHING matches perfectly. And everything is the best quality. I live in a beautiful apartment, fully furnished by God's people. Truly, We>Me!”

Way to go team, family, church! Praise Jesus for calling us out of our selfishness and into family that is able to overcome the relentless challenge of entropy and create true moments of unity and harmony.

Join us this Sunday as we dive deeper into the what, why, and how Jesus has called us to live out We>Me.