I Miss My Mom.

She took her last breath of this world’s air 12 years ago. For 53 years before that, she added light and love and good food to the world she interacted with. She was a strong believer, a faithful wife, a caring mother, and a 5-foot 4-inch dominator of her three sons. She would whistle and we would come. She would cry and we would be crushed. She would yell and we would fall in line. She would cook and we would race to the table. She taught me many things with her words and her example. She always knew what I should do and often seemed to care more about my life and decisions than I did.

I miss the encouraging comfort and confident counsel she gave me in abundance. I miss the deep feeling of home I would get whenever and wherever I was with her. She definitely taught me the power of a mom, and gave me a very high view of what a woman can do.

I have heard it said that a woman completes a man. But I do not think when God made Eve He was completing man. I believe He was completing Creation. In fact, in Genesis, God looked at the world without women and said, “it is not good.”

Though I miss my mom, and I always will during my time in this world, I am now getting a new lesson in the awesomeness of women by watching my wife, Brittany. She is brave and strong, kind and clever. She teaches me so much, and fights so diligently for every one of her people. She grows in beauty and skill every year, and has made my world of black and white explode with vivid, living color.

So, if you are a woman out there, I hope you have a powerful sense of value and overwhelming desire to accomplish great and mighty things.

And to all the women who have decided to be moms, Happy Mothers' Day to you.

I am excited to announce that this Sunday we will have Renee Worcester as a guest speaker, and a special gift for all the moms.