O Humanity

O Humanity

Drenched with the image of God
Crowned with glory from above
Capable of the greatest—love


Broken by a great fall
Broken by the brokenness of all
Broken in every way imaginable

This week I spent time with some young Belizeans who have come to Phoenix to enjoy what Jesus is doing here, and to learn how to better build Jesus’ kingdom in Belize.

This week I spent time with a wonderful couple, digging deep to discern the will of God in the wake of their third miscarriage in a row.

This week I spent time with 25 interns who display a myriad of differences, yet posses a singular desire to learn how to serve Jesus more effectively and consistently.

This week I spent time with an incredibly strong couple who is fighting through the fog of grief after the loss of their 6-week-old baby.

I don’t know how sorrow and joy can occupy the same space at the same time, but I sure know what it feels like. 

Today, I am taking comfort in the hope of heaven: 

  • when we get to see the full revelation of the children of God, 

  • when we discover that our present sufferings are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed, 

  • when we no longer see in part, but face-to-face, knowing fully, even as we are fully known.