Prayer for Arizona's Governor

Well, sometimes your job requires you to go pray for the governor. So this morning, I woke up, reached deep into the back recesses of my closet and grabbed my once-every-couple-of-years suit. I brushed some of the dust off and it looked pretty good. Since today is the National Day of Prayer, and Living Streams has earned a good name over the years, I was invited to join a small group of pastors to pray for the governor of the great state, the 48th state, the born on Valentine’s day state, of Arizona.

Since I was headed downtown to the belly of our city, I checked Google Maps and found out how long I would be jammed up on the freeway. I said goodbye to my fam and I started driving/crawling my way toward the capital. I was told that we would gather in a room and then be presented to the governor at 9:00 a.m. Then, he would share some of his concerns for our state and we would pray.

What I experienced was wonderful. The twenty pastors in the room were full of truth, full of grace, full of humility, and full of power.  As they prayed for the gubernatorial concerns, you could feel God‘s presence filling up the room. The words spoken into that mental space were clear and resounding and effectual in the direction of beauty and strength and goodness. Some pastors prayed prayers of profound wisdom, some prayed prayers of poignant prophecy, some prayed prayers of heartfelt compassion, and some prayers were pulsing with authority.

The concerns the governor asked us to pray for are:

  1. Discernment for who to engage with and who to not engage with in the political game

  2. Continued success in caring for the kids in Foster Care (in the last few years the number of kids in Foster Care has gone from 19,000 to 13,000)

  3. A decrease in the number of addicts in the opioid crisis

  4. An increase in awareness and success of the Care Portal (

  5. Wisdom for the challenges

When it was my turn to pray, I sensed the Lord saying Governor Ducey is a man of humility and wisdom, that he understands the Biblical principle, “God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble.” I prayed he would maintain humility that would stand out as a mighty breath of fresh air in today’s political scene. I prayed he would have discernment to know who the wolves are, and be able to fight them off for the sake of the people of Arizona. 

Please take some time today to pray for our state, and join us on Sunday as we begin to talk about that part of your life called Rest.