Some Big Questions

This Sunday, we will dive into a very deep and detailed chapter of prophetic literature. This chapter forces us to deal with questions like:

  • Where did evil come from?

  • How could a good God allow war and pain and evil?

  • Is there a devil?

So...really light and fluffy topics. (ha ha)

What I love about the Bible is that it does not ignore or bypass the harsh realities of life. In fact, the Bible actually consistently ventures into the messy aspects of humanity, and gives us a glimpse of where God is—and where He is not. Daniel 11 is no exception. Daniel is told by an angelic messenger that war is coming. 

My question is this: If God knows there are wars coming, why doesn't He stop them? If God is able to tell an old man like Daniel so specifically what horrible war will take place, why does He then allow it to happen? 

I do not have any nice, clean, happy answers. Those are some big questions. But I do know the Bible, and Jesus’ example teaches us that, sometimes, the most godly thing a Christian can do is to endure well. 

Please join us this Sunday as we wrestle with God, and pain, and evil, in the wake of the hate-filled tragedy of the Charlottesville protests.