Sometimes You Just Need to Sit on the Floor with Your Kids

Yesterday afternoon I arrived home from work and everything seemed calm. When everything seems calm at my house, someone is usually about to get hurt, or someone is trying to sneak something that they know they should not be sneaking. So, my antennae were up as I found all my people and checked on what they were doing.

Surprisingly, everyone was okay and no one was sneaking. It was a rare moment of calm and I thought I should try to get something done. My mind jumped to my to-do list and I started to try to think of a task that would be satisfying to my Eneagram 3 soul. As I was mentally scrolling through tasks, a thought came that caught me off guard: What if I just hung out with one of my kids?

My wife was on the floor with one of my daughters, making bracelets. I was inspired, so I went for it. I walked into another daughter’s room and sat down on the floor. The next thirty minutes were hilarious.

At first, she was confused by me. Next, she was telling me all kinds of things that were bouncing around in her head. Next, her dog came in the room and looked confused as to why I was on the floor. Next, the dog and I were play-wrestling. Next, my daughter, her dog, and I were play-wrestling. Next, we were all laughing. (At least, it seemed like the dog was laughing. I can’t be quite sure.) Next, we were just chilling there as a wave a contentment washed over us.

This was good.

Sometimes you just need to stop and sit on the floor in your kid’s room.

This Sunday we are going to do something similar. In the Old Testament we are told how God wanted His people to approach Him in worship. God told Moses that He wanted to tabernacle (dwell) among His people. In the Tabernacle, there was a place called the Holy of Holies, and it is the place where God would come and sit.

Hope to see you Sunday,