Soul and Spirit

How does your soul feel?

Your soul is made up of your emotions and thoughts; and your emotions and thoughts are housed in your heart and mind. 

So, a more specific question is...How do your heart and mind feel? 

Does your heart feel at ease, or does it feel like it's going to burst if one more emotion—good or bad—tries to fit in it? 

Is your mind at peace, or is it racing with thoughts, leaving you exhausted with worry and confusion?

In my life, my mind is usually where the challenge is; but, right now, there is an emotional overload going on. The painful hardships some of my friends are going through, as well as the joyful victories other friends are experiencing, has my soul all stirred up.

Now, another question: How does your spirit feel?

This is a deeper question. This is a prayerful question. Your spirit is the real you. It is the everlasting part of you. According to the Bible, the spirit is the part of humanity that came to life when God breathed into Adam. It is what makes us different from the rest of creation. God did not breathe His breath on the trees or animals or fish or galaxies. 

Like the mind houses a person's thoughts, the spirit houses the person’s will. When the spirit is strong, the will power is strong. When the spirit is weak, the will power is weak. 

One time Jesus said to His disciples, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” In other words, Jesus was saying that the spirit within His disciples was willing to do right things, but, at that moment, there was no power in their spirits to overcome the weakness of their flesh; therefore, the weakness of their flesh was greater than the power in their spirits, causing wrong things to be done and right things to be left undone.

Now back to the question: How does your spirit feel?

Does it feel intimidated and unsure, or steady and strong?

There are a few, surefire things that cause my spirit to feel steady and strong. First, when my spirit connects to the All-Powerful Spirit of the Living God through prayer, my spirit is enlivened and empowered. Second, when my spirit connects with the inspired and living Word of God, it is fed and nourished. Third, when my spirit remembers God’s faithfulness through the storms of life, it is filled with hope and compelled to sing the chorus, “Jesus, Jesus, Precious Jesus. How I’ve proved You o’er and o’er. Jesus, Jesus, Precious Jesus. O for grace to trust You more.”

No matter what your heart, mind, soul or spirit are feeling today, the best thing you can do is pray. 

And we will see you Sunday at Living Streams, which desires to be a house of prayer.