The Message is Simple

It still blows my mind every time I think it through: 

Right now my brain sends signals to my finger muscles, and they move my fingertips in a way that strike specific keys at sequential moments, producing signals within my computer. Those signals travel to the motherboard, which sends signals to produce words on the screen. (Well, since I dropped my computer, my screen doesn’t work. So, in my case, the signals are sent across the time space continuum from my computer to my television screen. Whoa!) Once I finish this email, the computer will send signals to a satellite, which will send signals to your computer, from there to your screen, eyes, mind, etc.. 

Bam! Mind blown.

In Acts 17, it was a very different world. For Paul to get his thoughts to the people with whom he wanted to communicate, he could not send an email. He could and did send letters at certain points, but mostly, Paul sent himself.

His message was simple: God sent His Son into our world to suffer under the weight of our sin. God’s Son died under that weight, but rose from the dead three days later. Now, God’s Son is poised and ready to judge the world of their sin in order to rid the world of sin. Those who repent of their sin and take the hand of God’s Son will be free from sin’s grip and penalty. Those who reject God’s Son will forever suffer under the weight of their sin. 

Paul preached this message until the day he died—almost 2,000 years ago. That message is still true and is still being proclaimed all over the world. Though God has been extremely patient with our world, He promised there will be a day when He sends His Son into the world again. This time God’s Son will not suffer under the weight of sin. Sin will be forever crushed under the weight of His glory. 

Today many people think this message is a harsh, mean-spirited, divisive fairytale. I would agree with them if the message was not true. But since the evidence of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection is so convincingly true, this message is the most wonderful, generous, and unifying message the world could ever hear. It is truly worthy of the title, “The Gospel.”

Today, if you hear God’s voice in this message, turn from your sin and pray, asking God to forgive you and guide you on His path of salvation. 

This Sunday bring someone you know who needs to hear this message. And pray.

Peace to you and yours,