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The Plans, Purpose and Promises of God

My message this Sunday is called, “The Plans, Purpose and Promises of God” from Jeremiah 29:11-12, Romans 8:28-30, and Hebrews 10:35-39. I'll use these scriptures to illustrate simple and important points in this message.

We don't destroy God's plan and purpose for our lives when we make bad choices. God's plan is for us to come into a deep, loving relationship with Him. If His plan hung on a thread which required us to make the right choice each time we come to a crossroads in life, very few of us would fulfill that plan.

God's purpose for us cannot be defined by our careers, our marriages, or our friendships. His purpose is for us to be transformed into the image of Christ, who is loving, bold, faithful and courageous. God is working everything together for good in our lives, so we too can trust the Father with all our hearts, live by faith, and love each other deeply.

God's plans and purposes will not be thwarted by our failures. God's plan to reveal Himself to us and through us will be fulfilled, because Jesus has the power to pick us up when we fall, and transform us by His grace.

I hope this message will be a blessing to you. Please join me in praying for our worship services. I hope to see you on Sunday.