The Spirit World

In last Sunday’s message, I pointed out that there is a spiritual world that coincides with our physical world. If it weirds you out, don’t worry, it totally weirds me out also. Yet, I have heard many stories that prove what the Bible teaches about the spirit world is true.

I was with a guy in our church last week who has been pursuing Jesus more vigorously of late. He shared with me about an intense, spiritual darkness that he could see in his bedroom at night.

Another friend told me that he had a vision of being taken to the top of a mountain, where he fell off the mountain. Then, as he was falling off of that mountain, he saw his person split in two. One part went back to the top of the mountain and the other part kept falling. Since that vision, the panic attacks and anxiety that he had struggled with for 20 years have never come back.
I know there are many more stories out there confirming what the Bible teaches about the spiritual reality of life. Some of the spiritual experiences people have had were good, some were bad, some are resolved, and some are still unresolved. What follows in this email is my best effort to give some practical things that can be done when you sense that there is a spiritual battle taking place.
Stand With Endurance on Firm Ground
In Ephesians 6 we are taught to stand, stand firm, and then after that, stand some more. The rest of the chapter tells us where we should stand. When the darkness is oppressing us, we need to stand in the truth, stand in righteousness, stand in faith, and stand in the Word of God.
Fight With Heaven’s Weapons
In 2 Corinthians 10 we are told to fight with heavenly weapons instead of earthly weapons. This may sound strange at first, but heavenly weapons are things like righteousness, joy, peace, and God’s word—while earthly weapons are things like self-pity, complaining, negativity, and blaming.
Sing To Remind Yourself—and the Enemy—Who God Is
Another passage of the Bible tells us a story about how God wants us to fight our battles. 2 Chronicles 20 tells a story where worshipers and musicians led God’s people into battle with the enemy. I have found that singing a chorus about Jesus or His promises can be a powerful weapon in my spiritual battles. One of my favorite songs to sing or listen to in the battle is by LOVKN.* 
Click here to hear the song. 

I pray you gain all the victory in your life that Jesus won for us through His death and resurrection. 


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