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The Transforming Power of Giving

David Stockton is celebrating his 40th birthday with his brothers, cousin, and a couple of old friends on a beautiful island this week. I hope he gets a refreshing break, and as well as prayer and encouraging words from our church family. David works hard to lead our congregation into the fullness of Christ. His wise leadership blesses us all, and gives me great joy. 

My message this Sunday to Living Streams this Sunday is titled “The Transformational Power of Giving,” part of our “Why We Do” series, I’ll be talking about radical giving, strategic giving, extravagant giving, and irresponsible giving.

Jesus says in Luke 16:11 that our trustworthiness in handling material wealth is a measurement which determines whether we are given true riches. This message is designed to help you be wise and trustworthy, so you receive true riches and establish a great legacy. 

On Wednesday evening, September 20, we begin Fam Nights for six Wednesdays in a row. We start with a free dinner at 6:00 PM in the Activity Center, and classes begin at 6:50. Dr. Don and Renee Worcester, a couple gifted with wisdom and insight, will be teaching a Parenting class. Joel Fritz and I will be leading an Engaging with God class. This class is designed to help each of us encounter the Lord in daily life. David will be leading Explore, for those who want to get connected at Living Streams.

Please register for Fam Nights now at

Love in Christ,