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This Sunday is Mother's Day

This weekend at Living Streams, our pastors will speak about the impact our mothers made on our lives. None of us have perfect mothers, but each of us has been shaped by their love and care for us. They were our first teachers and responded to our most basic needs. We were completely dependent upon them when we were most vulnerable. We have only faint memories of the earliest years of our lives, when they cared for us constantly. We love them, we honor them, and sometimes we struggle because we grow up to see their imperfections.

I'm hoping our services will bring insight and blessing as we honor our mothers and experience a fresh sense of the grace of God in our lives.

Today is the National Day of Prayer. Our leaders need the wisdom of God to deal with the challenges in our society. Let's be praying for God to raise up more wise and righteous men and women to serve our country. We need to ask Him for forgiveness for where we've sinned, and mercy so we can prosper in the years to come.