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Who doesn’t love the story of an underdog? The struggle, the impossible odds, and the battle to be understood in a way that seems impossible due to whatever condition it is that made you an underdog to begin with.

You know the situation: The nerdy “friend” who gets the beautiful girl. The number eight seed beats the number one seed. The poor team of disadvantaged youth battles back to beat the rich, snobby team. The nerdy college student has an idea that makes them a famous multi-billionaire. We love to watch people overcome impossible odds and win, probably because it gives us some hope that we too could overcome whatever challenges we see standing in our way to victory, glory, success, promotion or _______ (fill in your underdog descriptor).

Often, the story of David & Goliath becomes the epitome of an underdog story. Let me show you: The poor shepherd boy from the tribe of Jesse, the youngest of all his bothers, looked over initially by the Prophet Samuel to receive the blessing, left to watch the sheep while his brothers got the honor of going to war. See where this is going? Versus Goliath, the nine-foot-tall giant of the Philistines who smelled of sweat and victory, a battle-tested warrior who no one dared to defy or certain death would be their reward…DUN DUN DUN!!!

At first glance this has the making of a great underdog story…but does it? Was David really at that much of a disadvantage? I mean, he had already taken down a lion and a bear in defense of his sheep. Was a nine-foot-tall Philistine really going to be much more difficult? Oh! And there is that little fact that he had the power of the Holy Spirit resting on him and he believed that through God all things are possible. If only that power were available today…Oh! Wait a minute!

My prayer this week, as I prepare my message from 1 Samuel 17, is that the Lord would remind you that the underdog story you think you're living is merely viewed that way because you are trying to accomplish your task based on your own merit, talents and resources. When you allow yourself to realize the potential given to you from your heavenly Father you will see your situation differently.

Have a wonderful 4th of July and I will see you Sunday.

Nathan Bentley