We're Only Halfway Through

Don’t even think about taking your foot off the gas pedal right now. Yes, we did have an amazing Passion Week around Living Streams. Yes, we did have a service on Palm Sunday that left many of us at the front of the church, on our knees, in humble surrender. Yes, we did have a full house at noon on Good Friday where we were encouraged to exchange our brokenness for the healing power of Christ’s love. Yes, we did have almost 1,400 people in three joyous, powerful, and life-giving services on Easter Sunday. But, we are only halfway through our Easter Season.

This Sunday we will dig deeper into God’s word and dive deeper in God’s heart in worship. A dozen or so people will be baptized at the end of our services. And next week, our Easter Season will culminate with a foot-stomping, roof-raising, soul-soaring, heart-lifting, mind-engaging, and Jesus-focused worship night. So, as I said before, do not take your foot off the gas pedal. Invite those same people, and maybe some new ones, to come again.

I want to thank you, Living Streams family, for showing up and for bringing others to hear about the Everlasting and Abundant Life that Jesus’ death made possible for us. I want to thank you guys for staying hungry for the voice and presence of the Lord. I want to thank you for your faithful, generous giving to all of the Kingdom-of-Heaven-building work that goes on around here.

We go through a lot of heaviness and pain while walking in the world. For some reason, Father God has not decided it is time to change all that quite yet. But He promised that, when the time is right, He will restore everything. (Acts 3:21- “Heaven must receive him (Jesus) until the time comes for God to restore everything, as he promised long ago through his holy prophets”).

So, if you are feeling some of that heaviness today, let these words sustain you: “Life is hard, God is good, Glory is coming. So, stand firm in the faith.” – John Piper

Know that we are praying for you.