What an Incredible Team

There it was on display for all to see. People of all ages, colors, socioeconomic classes—all gathered together for a night of joy, peace, and the glorious Phoenician fall. It was beautiful. My primary takeaway from last night's Fall Fest, which was also the culmination of our Urban Kinetic initiative, is that the dreams God has for us are beautiful dreams.

A year ago we felt God nudging us toward an idea for our church family. We sensed God asking us to find a way into the pockets of our society where there is hardship and pain. (Now, I know that there is hardship and pain in every part of society, but what was in our minds was the hardships and pain of the refugee, homeless, addicted, nursing home, and impoverished parts of our city.) We wanted to find a way into their homes and families, and then invite them into our church home and family. We hoped to create bonds of exquisite mutuality and extraordinary kinship. 

We did our best and the Lord did the rest. It is funny, because when the Lord first puts a hope, a dream, or a vision on my heart, I love it. Then, when the process of seeing it come to pass begins with hard steps that need to be taken and all the patience that needs to be applied, I don’t love it anymore. Without fail, the process between dream and realization of dream always has severe moments of discouragement and uncertainty that make me want to give up and walk away quietly in order to minimize shame. But also without fail, others show up to encourage me, and the Lord shows up to fill the gaps, and the dream—His dream—becomes a reality. At that point I love it again. 

The second takeaway for me is what an incredible team of staff and volunteers we have at our church. Alec Seekins led the charge, and many people gathered to form an awesome team of caring, hard working, skillful, kind worker-bees. Their collective effort took what could have been a wild, chaotic night and made it into what felt like a lively, yet intimate, backyard party. There were so many people there last night. I looked out at one point and it seemed the entire west field was teeming with life and activity. Yet, with all those people, there was a peaceful, easy feeling. And boy, did the weather cooperate. 

I really want to say a heartfelt thank you for all those who have taken the last six weeks to bring this vision to reality. Your sacrifice and faithfulness has caused a stream of life, dare I say a living stream,to flow into our city. I heard from different ministry leaders that the Urban Kinetic wave that crashed upon their ministries and the people they are ministering to was a wave of refreshment and invigoration. Well done, everyone! 

I know our Father in Heaven delighted greatly in what He saw on our corner of Phoenix last night. 

Grace and Peace to You and Yours,