What Can I Do When I Feel Punctured, Pierced and In Pain?

I have a contest for you this week.

Without Googling, what are the three times God the Father spoke audibly during Jesus’ earthly life that are recorded for us in the gospels?

I promise you that there are three. Two of them are pretty well known and, though I have read the Bible many times, I just became aware of the third.

If you can tell me all three prior to our Sunday morning service, you will receive the grand prize. The grand prize is…wait for it….a high-five. Yep. Not a high three or four—a full high-five from yours truly.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday and my sermon title is, “What Can I Do When I Feel Punctured, Pierced, and in Pain?” The reason we need to speak about pain is because it is a common reality in our world. The pain of divorce, injustice, senseless killing, and racism is commonplace.

Pain is not something Jesus shied away from, either. Jesus, the perfect Son of God, was punctured, pierced, and subjected to excruciating pain, in order to be able to meet with us in our pain, and lead us to a life of healing.

We will have a wonderful time of worship and prayer, as well as an inspiring time of teaching, and spurring one another on toward good works.

Please join us, and remember to invite people to come with you to any and all of our Easter Season opportunities.

Here is the schedule of services:
April 9 – Palm Sunday
9:15 am and 11 am
April 14 – Good Friday
April 16 – Easter Sunday
8:00 am, 9:30 am, and 11:00 am
April 23 – Baptism Sunday
9:15 am and 11:00 am
April 30 – Sunday Services
9:15 am and 11:00 am
April 30 – Worship Night
6:00 pm