What is the Mother's Blessing?

In society, we hear a lot about the damning effects of an absentee dad on his children. In Christian circles, we talk about the importance of “the father’s blessing” in his children’s lives. Sociological studies show us that a child without a good, strong father figure in their life will have a decreased self-concept, feel more insecurities, and be more prone to truancy. With all this information about the father’s blessing, and with Mother’s Day fast approaching, I have been wondering about “the mother’s blessing.”

My ponderings about the mother’s blessing have led me to these words: comfort, conviction, teaching, and guidance. Though I recognize there are a million different ways people relate to their mother—some good and some not good—this is definitely the way I relate to mine.

My mom was the wind at my back. She was the spur in my side. She was the one who opened up the world to me, and was my tour guide through it all. We were close, and she was my home. Some people say “home is where your heart is;” but for me, home was where my mom was. Even when I moved away from home, it was so amazing to me that, whenever I was with her in a hotel, at a restaurant, in my own home, or in someone else’s, if my mom was there, it felt like home to me. 

Then, in March of 2015 my mom went home to be with Jesus. We found out she had cancer and three months later she was gone. But this did not end my experience with well-done motherhood. My wife Brit somehow moved right in and brought me much comfort. Since then she has also been great at bringing healthy conviction, teaching, and guidance for me—and our girls, as well. It amazes me how ecumenically, fervently, and passionately she loves our children, and other people’s children as well. 

As I write about all this, I can’t help but notice those same words that came to mind about motherhood can also be applied to another blessing. Jesus called the Holy Spirit the Comforter. He said that the Holy Spirit would convict the world. He told his disciples the Holy Spirit would teach us what to say and guide us into all truth. There is no greater blessing than to receive God’s Holy Spirit.

So, whether your mother was one who blessed you or not, a relationship with Jesus’ Holy Spirit can fill every void. Our natural parents sometimes don’t know how to give a blessing, and they sometimes withhold a blessing intentionally. But our heavenly Father will withhold no good thing. At some point today, sit at God’s feet and let His Holy Spirit embrace you, convict you, renew your mind, and light the good path before you.

See you Sunday as we celebrate moms and learn some more about rest. ☺️