Who's Your Financial Planner?

If I were to sing, “London Gold...” you would probably sing, “...It's the best.”

If I were to sing, “Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that...” You would probably sing, “...Kit Kat bar.”
If I were to sing, “The best part of waking up...” (depending on how old you are), you might sing, “Is Folgers in your cup.”
And for the McDonald's people out there, I could sing, “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese...” and you could finish the rest.

All day long we are hit with messages—sometimes blatant and sometimes subliminal—about what we should do with the money we have in our possession. The marketing industry in America spent about 200 billion dollars last year to creatively and strategically get the money from our pockets into theirs. If we are not wise and principled, we will find ourselves susceptible to wasted time, talent, and treasure.

In the Scriptures, every community ordained by God has had a core principle of financial giving. For whatever reason, God is very interested in what we do with the money that has come to us. He has made it very clear that we are to give financially so that godly ministry can happen, so that needs can be met, and so that people will not be controlled by the money they believe is theirs to control. The principle of WE > me applies to our financial life, as well.

Please join us this Sunday as we get set free by allowing God's word to speak to us about our hearts and the resources in our hands.