Why I Believe in Tithing

The only time in all of Scripture that we are asked to test God is in reference to tithing. In Malachi 3, God promises to pour out a greater blessing than we can hold if we are faithful in our tithes and offerings.

In over forty-five years of ministry, I have seen God faithfully fulfill his promise to abundantly provide for those who tithe. I went through some lean years as a young pastor with a growing family; but in spite of my lack of resources, the Lord has not only provided abundantly for my family, he has provided for every need in both churches I have led since 1975.

We not only practice tithing as a family, but Living Streams Church has also given a tithe to missions every month since we began in 1984. Because of God's faithfulness, we have been able to give millions of dollars to missions and launch many fruitful ministries, while always paying every bill and every salary on time. God's provision has been faithful in strong economic times and in economic crisis.

Tithing requires faith, because almost everyone knows many ways they could use all the money they make. It stretches our faith when the Lord asks us to give 10% of our income to Him. However, those who are obedient in tithing soon discover many benefits which make tithing more than worthwhile.

When we tithe, believers empower our local church to equip the saints and expand God's kingdom on earth. It is a privilege to see our tithes go to supporting fruitful ministries and missions of our church. Those who tithe share in the eternal reward God gives to faithful servants.

At the same time, God supernaturally rebukes forces that can devour our financial assets. Instead of losing money in bad deals, the Lord gives us wisdom for financial management. As we see God faithfully provide all our needs, we also get set free from financial insecurity. The benefits of living with peace in an insecure world include better health and enjoyment of every aspect of life.