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Wisdom is Not Natural to Us - Proverbs 1:23-33

Wisdom calls for humility, fearing the Lord, and often, repentance. We are not naturally inclined to wisdom, so when it hits us we will usually have to change directions. When Solomon thought to chop the baby in half as a way of wisdom, it probably shocked him. But as he received it and responded to it, wisdom brought a wonderful end. When I was faced with one of my greatest challenges in life it took me a while to find wisdom. My challenge is how to raise a child with special needs.

When Brit and I learned that our sweet Bella was going to be born with spina bifida and a more uncertain future, I began praying right away. At first my prayers were for God to heal her right away. As I sought the Lord I sensed Him asking me what I really wanted. I would say that I wanted God to heal her before she was ever born so that she, and we, would not have to deal with any extra difficulties. Then, it seemed like God was asking me if I was sure. I knew that meant I wasn’t praying the right prayers. So, I regrouped and tried again. I prayed that God would heal her when she was old enough to start walking so that everyone could see the miracle that God did and we could all rejoice together in God’s goodness. The response I got from God was again, “Are you sure?”

I knew that meant I needed to dig deeper. I thought of many more options and then landed on the prayer that God would heal my sweet B when it is most significant for her relationship with Him—even if that meant I would never get to see it. At that point I sensed God smiling and saying, “Now we are headed in the right direction.”

This prayer has freed me to just love Bella exactly the way she is in the here and now. I will leave the timing and miracles up to God. There are many other nuggets of wisdom that have come to Brit and me as we have sought the Lord and feared Him in parenting all of our kids.