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Wisdom Will Save You

As we have found ourselves in the information age we can be deceived into thinking we are wise. In a journal article I read, a man named Russell Ackoff writes that the content of the human mind can be put into five categories: data, information, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

Wisdom is what happens when data becomes information, information transforms into knowledge, knowledge blooms into understanding, and understanding metamorphoses into wisdom. Then, justice happens when we act upon the wisdom we are given.

This process is best described in the time when Solomon gathered the data and information of the two moms who each claimed a baby was theirs. Solomon applied his knowledge to gain understanding, and then acted upon the wise idea that came to his mind. The end result was that the sword never hurt the baby, beautiful justice was accomplished, and Solomon’s renown began to grow.

Heavenly Father, let us not settle for anything short of Your wisdom. We are in need.