Today I was in a nice, heated pool, doing some not-so-nice therapy on my torn-but-mending calf muscle, when it started to rain. It was awesome. Rain in the desert is one of my favorite things. I love it and it always feels so special to me. When I lived in Oregon and it rained from October to March, the rain did not feel very special. It felt more like a cold, wet blanket. However, most days in that winter stretch had an hour or two when the sun would finally burn through the thick, grey clouds and lay a gentle warmth on my face and body. Those moments were special as well.

In this email, I want to tell you about something I think will be very special.

The Dwell Worship Conference is putting on two worship nights on Thursday and Friday this week at 6:30 pm at Living Streams Church (February 15 & 16). These nights are for everyone, not just worship leaders, or even people who like worship music. These nights are for anyone who likes movies, concerts, church, parties, and Jesus. These two nights will be a wonderful mixture of it all. 

So, I beseech you, ladies and gentlemen, to clear your schedules, make time for your souls, and come be refreshed.

I implore you, millennial hipsters, to not spend more money on coffee or hang out at a new vibey food joint, but come to practice the most ancient and relevant human activity there is.

And I entreat you, dads, to let your guards down and bring your wife and kids, and show them your love for Jesus, and for them.

The program in heaven is worship; so If you want more heaven in your program, worship!

No doubt about it, the program at Dwell is worship—Jesus worship.

You can register for Dwell at https://www.dwellconference.org and use promo code WORSHIP to get a discount on night passes.

And, as always, if funds are an issue for you right now, please reply to this email and let me know. We will figure it out.