Wow. What a Week.

In the last two months we have averaged over 800 people attending our Sunday morning services, and almost 350 people attending our Wednesday night Fam Nights. This week about 400 people attended a job fair on our campus, and around 800 came to a Fall Festival on our lawn. At each of these events we have done our best to Put God’s Glory on Display, Build Courageous People, and Engage In Society’s Pain. 

Though having large crowds is not really one of our top priorities, we are thankful that God has seen fit to allow us to rub shoulders with all of these people. We are praying that there would be a powerful, lingering effect to the compassion and care they experienced while with us; and that the lingering would lead to a genuine desire to know and follow Jesus, who loves them more thoroughly than they could ever imagine.

Thanks to all those who helped cook and clean and host and help with all the recent happenings around here. Jesus never forgets anything that has been done for Him. He even told His disciples that if they gave a cup of cold water to a young boy in His name, they would receive a great reward. If Jesus was that excited about a cup of cold water, I can only imagine the reward going to the young man I saw handing out hundreds of snow cones last night. 

We will see you this Sunday for another time of inspiration and edification, as we hear God’s word and spend time in His vivifying Spirit.