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Dan Reed

Director of Senior Adult Ministry


Joined staff:

What I love about my job:
Connecting with and serving the people of Living Streams

Phoenix, Arizona

Wife Jackie; children Amy and Daniel

First job:
Janitor in an art studio

What makes me smile:
My grandchildren—and a good joke

What I’m really terrible at:
Can't decide

Favorite place:
It’s a toss up between Alaska and Yellowstone Park

Best advice I received:
Be honest, work hard and love others

My life was falling apart. Nothing was working, I was about to lose everything when the Lord started a weeklong tugging at my heart to go to church. During the service I felt the pull to go forward for prayer, but because we had friends with us I was too embarrassed. It was at this point that the Lord did an amazing thing. In a room with 1,500 other people, the pastor looked right at me and said if you want to hear the rest of this message come back tonight. It was like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. That night during the closing worship, I raised my arms to heaven and asked Jesus to come into my heart and change me. He did, and thus started my journey to wholeness with the Lord.