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Archives for September 2014

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Ready, Set, Burn

I read this in a book today. “Her religious training had been in the matter of fact midwestern Protestantism. It had been approached with a basic sincerity and a lack of intensity.” That describes so much of what I have seen in the Christian churches here in Belize. (I have seen it in me as well.) It is a safe, man-made,...

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Bella Turns Five Today

by Brittany Stockton. Bella turns five today. I can hardly believe it. To be honest, I can hardly stand it. It is all going too quickly. (You know you’re old when you start saying that). It’s funny because when we found out that Bella had Spina Bifida we immediately cried out for the Lord to heal her. And when I say immediately I mean, on the table, hooked up to th...

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He Still Speaks

by Brittany Stockton. I believe that God is still speaking. I believe that He always will. It was the night before David left to find a house for us here, in Dangriga, that we sat down to pray. And when I say pray, I really mean listen. We grabbed a pad of paper and a few pens and asked the Lord to direct us. Then we wrote down what we heard. Two story. With a view. ...

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Today is Day Six

Today is day 6 of this...., well, I am not exactly sure what to call it. I’ve called it a mission trip, a year abroad, a Sabbath year, a 9 month ministry birthing mission. Whatever it is, it has begun and tomorrow we will be one week in. Our goals for week one, if we actually made goals, would have been to rest, get our house set up, and get our family (3 girls) settled ...

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A Prayer for This Place

Lord Jesus, I want to see the veil over people's hearts lifted. 2 Corinthians 3 says that when we believe in Christ a veil is lifted and we can experience a greater glory. Please Jesus let us see people come to You and have the veil over their hearts lifted. ...

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Day 3 and Still...Exhausted

Today is the day that The Lord has made, I wonder what we will find. Today is also day 3 of our Dangriga project. Day one was all travel. It was 2.5 hours from Phoenix to Houston, 2.5 hours from Houston to Belize, and 2.5 hours by car from Belize Airport to Dangriga. We went from the dry, brittle desert landscape to the thick, damp, jungle of...

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