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Day 360 - Can't Touch This

Ravi Zacharias says the purpose of his organization is to help the thinker believe and the believer think. I love that. I think if I was clever and purposeful I would say the purpose of my organization (I don't have one, and if I did it might not be ...

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Day 59 - The Ten-Year Club

We just got back from a few days of celebrating Brit's and my ten-year anniversary. Being married to Brit is like being at Magic Mountain. Lots of wild rides, but so much fun. My life really was all black and white before her. She is the bold and beautiful color...

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Bella Turns Five Today

by Brittany Stockton. Bella turns five today. I can hardly believe it. To be honest, I can hardly stand it. It is all going too quickly. (You know you’re old when you start saying that). It’s funny because when we found out that Bella had Spina Bifida we immediately cried out for the Lord to heal her. And when I say immediately I mean, on the table, hooked up to th...

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