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Day 127 - Looking for the One

Most people read that title and think this is going to be about the magical world of dating in pursuit of the magical world of marriage. Nope. Sorry to disappoint. This will not help you with any of that. This is actually a collection of thoughts on sinners—thoughts that have been marinading in me for about two months. It all started with the parable Jesus told in Luke 15 called, The Parable of the Lost Sheep.

In that parable, Jesus teaches about the heart of heaven. He declares, with much clarity, that God is paying very close attention to, and even passionately pursuing those that do not belong to Him (though God is completely satisfied and fulfilled within the Trinity family). Though God has sought and found millions of lost sheep over the years; though God looks out with joy over all the millions of people who belong to him; His heart still aches and breaks for those who are outside of His fold: the sinners who have received no forgiveness for their sins; the people who are walking in a dark, dark world without His marvelous light. God cannot stop thinking about them. He doesn't hesitate to leave the found sheep to pursue even one lost one.

I currently live in a town on the coast of Belize where the churches are not very full. The bars and club-type places are. I know I am an outsider here and don't know the full story, but I feel pretty comfortable thinking that there are lots of lost sheep here that God is pursuing. It is exciting, and also a bit intimidating, to try and figure out who they are and why they would care what our little team and I have to say.

But, on January 30 we are going to open the doors of a church building that hasn't been used in a while. Currently, it is more full of dust and bird poop than anything else. We are going to whip it into shape. We are going to pass out flyers and invite everyone we see. We are going to do our best to set up an evening where God's presence is easy to find. And more than anything, we are going to rely on the Shepherd heart of God to round up the sheep He is pursuing here in Dangriga.

Does your heart ache for someone who is far from God? If so, rejoice. You and God have something in common. If not, ask God to open Your eyes to see the way He does and to soften Your heart toward sinners.


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