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Kurt Cotter

Pastor of Family Ministries—Men's, Couples' and Pastoral Care


Joined staff:

What I love about my job:
Caring for God’s people by leading men’s groups, helping couples establish healthy marriages and helping people experience Jesus and grow as disciples

West Covina, California

Wife Faith; children Jason, Melody, Nathan and Rachel

First job:
Paper route

What makes me smile:
My grandchildren

What I’m really terrible at:
Administrative stuff

Favorite place:
The beach

Best advice I received:
That I should marry Faith!

I was number five of seven children. We went to a Catholic Church occasionally while I was growing up. Around the age of 15, I started to search for more meaning in life. I wanted to get answers to big questions like, "why am I here? What happens when I die?" and so on. I also had friends that I would party with and was being pulled into the world at the same time. In the midst of that whole tug-of-war, I met a guy named Andre Jackson, who invited me to a home Bible Study. I went reluctantly, and after watching a small group study the Book of John and seek to apply it to their own lives, I was faced with a decision that I never heard before. I suddenly realized that I was a sinner in need of a Savior. I asked Andre many questions, which he answered with God's Word. I prayed that night and received Jesus into my heart. I experienced a powerful transformation in my heart and my life. My parents weren't exactly thrilled at the time and they brought me to the police station to get me to stop going to church. Andre and other friends helped me to continue to grow in my walk with Jesus and it took many years, but my whole family later came to Christ as well. While still in high school, I sought out what I could do in life that would help people the most, and it was then that I heard God's Call on my life—to prepare to be a Pastor.