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Climate Change

I was driving to Living Streams on a recent Sunday morning when NPR announced the UN had released a report on climate change. It said scientists have evidence our behaviors have negatively impacted our environment and weather. They...

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The Big Difference

I've heard many people say, "As long as you believe in something, that's all that matters." They don't think it makes a difference what you believe about God. That is a naive philosophy. The world around us is screaming out a very different message. The Muslims involved in ISIS force men to convert to their brand of Islam or face execution. Like the...

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My sermon June 1 was titled, "What’s the Big Deal about Sex?" About fifteen minutes into my message, two rows of high school students sitting in the front right side of our sanctuary stood up and walked out. I didn't know what I had said that disturbed them so much. I continued my message, but I was upset. I felt like I must lack the wisdom...

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