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Physical Fitness

This video is from the Revelation Wellness website.

While you're walking out your faith, don't forget to work out your body.

Wholeness is achieved by a balance of body, mind and spirit. Most churches focus on mind and spirit, but at Living Streams, you’ll find a focus on building a healthy body, too. 

Fitness classes are provided by  Revelation Fitness. See the list below for a complete class schedule. 

Weigh Less to Feed More is a faith-based wellness program that teaches participants how to live healthy and whole lives in Christ while serving others who suffer from physical and spiritual poverty around the world.  For details visit

Weekly Schedule

This schedule is subject to change. If in doubt, contact Dana Seymour:

Revelation Fitness
| 8:30 am | Activity Center   

Revelation Fitness | 5:30 am | Activity Center 

Revelation Fitness
| 5:30 am | Activity Center   

Revelation Fitness
| 8:30 am | Activity Center 

 Questions? Contact Dana Seymour:


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