New Here? Here’s What To Expect!

  • Sunday worship services are at 8:30, 10:00 & 11:30 am in the Worship Center, Building A.

  • Messages preached here are practical for life in today's world and will motivate you to serve Jesus Christ with your whole heart.

  • Worship in all services includes contemporary music. 

  • Communion is served every other weekend for those who follow Christ.

  • Offering is taken at each service. If you are a visitor, please don't feel obligated to participate.

  • Snacks and coffee are available at no cost in the Courtyard between Sunday services.

  • Dress is casual.


Our Mission

  • To display God's glory

  • To build courageous people

  • To engage in society's pain

Our Vision

To be a healthy local church that creatively expands God's kingdom

Statement of Faith

God exists and has revealed Himself to mankind. He has rescued and redeemed a people for Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ. This good news is to be preached to all nations for God's glory and our joy.

From its inception, the Church has always found it helpful to summarize its core convictions in rather short and succinct statements such as hymns, creeds and confessions, to impart truth, clarify and prevent confusion, protect from false teaching, and otherwise hold fast to the historic landmarks of our heritage.

The Christian confession is merely a response to God's revelation. Thus, the confessions of a church and its individuals should correspond to the boundaries and contours of biblical truth that God has revealed to us. All Christians everywhere say they believe in God; but creeds, confessions and statements help to clarify what it is that we believe about God and life.

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